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Hi my name is Tiffany , I am a certified birth and postpartum doula. I have 16 years of motherhood experience as well as my professional experience of having worked with more than 150 families through this special new mother/new baby period.I understand the importance of birth and how it affects the mother-baby relationship. I'll work with a pregnant mom to help her prepare for labor and birth to ensure it is a empowering positive experience. Birth is not just a physical event. It is an emotional one.

Women today are not always given the support they need in the postpartum period. Throughout history, women having babies have been surrounded by other women - relatives, friends, neighbors. In our modern society, women are living further away from their mothers and sisters and it is not as common or possible for neighbors and friends to be the type of support many new moms are needing. As we make the transition into motherhood, many times we are lacking the presence of other mothers. A doula can help make that more possible, while nurturing the entire family and meeting whatever needs there may be. A doula understands the need for that traditional role of support and encouragement from one mother to another. All women (and partners) deserve to have a doula by their side who is caring , sensitive , and understanding of the prenatal, labor and postpartum period and works for YOU.
Your carbon county pa   birth and postpartum doula (10 x 0.5 in) (2)
I believe birth is a normal  yet transformative  experience. i believe women know their bodies better than anyone else i believe women know how to birth their babies. i believe birth belongs to th
Your carbon county pa   birth and postpartum doula (10 x 0.5 in) (2)

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